Catching Up With Ballyhoo! At The Detonate Tour


2018 has been a busy year for Maryland based, Ballyhoo! and on September 28th, they released their latest album, Detonate which is a return to the punk-rock and ska style that they’re well known for.

With such an accomplishment, comes another cross-country tour. Our team got to catch up with the band in St. Petersburg as they passed through Florida.

When asked about the writing process and production of the album, lead singer, Howi Spangler stated,

“It’s been really great, it’s nice to rock the fuck out on stage! These songs mean a lot to me because I’ve been through a lot these past couple of years and this music is a reflection of that.“

Beyond another signature-style album, this compilation is indeed more open and personal, as it relates to the frontman’s personal struggles, from his relationship with his late father (“Detonate”, “Barnabas”). while also bringing awareness to anxiety and depression (“I Don’t Wanna Go”, “Maryland Summer”, “Bruce Wayne”).

Howi went further on to state that the production of Detonate wasn’t a point to do another punk-rock record, it just “came out the way it did.”

While “Detonate” has quite a bit of relatable angst, there’s a bit of relief with the sweet, light-hearted “Can’t Hardly Wait”, dedicated to his fiancée, Danielle.

The band’s intentions with the album was to further connect with their fans. They have accomplished that connection on this current tour by drawing in thousands of loyal fans of all ages who travel hundreds of miles to jam out, singing along to every memorized track.

They’re still currently on tour and in 2019 they’ll be joining Badfish – A Tribute to Sublime, Reel Big Fish and The Expendables. This is an epic lineup that no alt-rock fan should miss so make sure to catch a show at your nearest city!

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