AltWire Editorial: The Curious Case of Hip-Hop

Boom Bap. Trap. Lo-Fi. Mob Music. Although there are dozens of different styles of Hip-Hop, few outside of the Hip-Hop culture wouldn’t know it. It’s all “Rap Music” to them. Whatever style of is currently trending at the moment becomes the definition of Hip-Hop for the world.  That makes a lot of Hip-Hop artists angry.  […]


#TheSpark: Brian’s Favorites

This is my first time writing anything for #TheSpark, a piece where we highlight some of the tracks we’re currently jamming to. An opportunity to talk about a few of my current favorite tracks? Bring it. Rise Against – “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore” I absolutely love Rise Against, no questions there. They’ve been […]


What Happened To Ska?

What happened to ska music? Before we answer that question, let’s take a moment and look at the short history of the genre. Ska music originated in the late 1950’s as a predecessor to rocksteady and reggae, combining elements of Caribbean forms of music with American jazz and blues. Over the next several decades, the […]


Layne Staley: 15 Years Since We Lost A Grunge Icon

On August 21st 1990 Facelift was released and the world was introduced to Alice in Chains, and the incredible vocals of Layne Staley.  The release coincided with a movement in the pacific Northwest, sometimes known as ‘the Seattle sound’ but perhaps more commonly referred to as Grunge (although the band would distance themselves from being […]


David Cook: Cutting Open the Digital Vein

First of all… when David Cook opens his mouth it literally makes my heart happy.  My heart jumps up, grows little stick-figure feet, and begins to sway back and forth in a happy motion that I can’t describe in this article. I watched American Idol for exactly two seasons. The first just happened to be the […]