Sony MDR7506 Review: A Proven Legend

Evernote Review: New Evernote Featu...

Sony Mdr7506 Review When it comes to the music industry, there are a few key roles that are absolutely essential in order for a song or album to be successfully created and brought to market. Producers and Mixing Engineers rank among the most important of these positions, as their work is what takes a good […]

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tētēma – Necroscape / Album Review

Tētēma‘s brilliant Necroscape wows in its artistic complexity. Read our full review below. Mike Patton is an immensely talented dude, but anyone familiar with his work across his numerous bands and projects (and there are a lot…) knows there’s a brand of mercurial eccentricity that he brings to the table no matter what endeavor he’s […]

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Fear Inoculum Review: A New Twist For Tool

After 13 long years, the wait is finally over… but was it worth it? We review Tool’s Fear Inoculum.  Tool’s newest album Fear Inoculum just came out on Friday, August 30. Upon first listening, it felt far different from their past pieces. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but I’m sure it made a handful of die-hard […]


The Epitome – Still Trill: Explosive Hip-Hop

The Epitome obviously has beef with all of us.  The Kansas City native and frequent Ish1da collaborator just dropped a Super Spirit Bomb onto the favorite platforms of every music streamer. I challenge you to listen to Still Trill and disagree.  Disclaimer: Neither myself nor AltWire, condone the events that took place in Universe 7 during […]