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[Album Review] The Anix – Shadow_Movement

With easily justified comparisons to the likes of early Thirty Seconds to Mars, flavors of Depeche Mode, and a wonderfully prominent influence of The Cure thrown into the mix, The Anix’s own brand of ethereal electronic rock has always seemed a project ultimately finding itself in slightly older roots stylistically. Sure, frontman and sole member […]

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[Album Review] William Ryan Key – Virtue

It’s perhaps too easy to forget that taking steps in the right direction isn’t always the simplest task. There’s a shrewd shred of self-awareness in that knowledge: the realization that maybe it just isn’t going the way you had in mind. Maybe it isn’t going to be okay. But it’s also easy to forget that […]


Photos: Slightly Stoopid @ Cocoa, FL

Slightly Stoopid have officially announced that “School’s Out For Summer” by kicking off a tour celebrating the release of their latest album “Everyday Life, Everyday People.” For this year’s tour, they’ve brought along  two very special guests, Stick Figure and Pepper. For myself, a major highlight of this tour has been the awareness of the […]

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[Album Review] Scars on Broadway – Dictator

Let’s take a moment to be completely honest here: we’re probably never getting that sixth System of a Down album. It’s just not happening. If the recent open dispute between lead guitarist/vocalist Daron Malakian and vocalist/keyboardist Serj Tankian has confirmed anything, it’s that there has been an abundance of issues under the surface throughout the […]

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[Album Review] Gorillaz – The Now Now

Who’s ready for a road trip? The new Gorillaz album The Now Now is the perfect soundtrack for travel. One can tell from titles such as “Magic City”, “Lake Zurich”, and “Hollywood” that there is a dedicated focus on adventure for this established British band. Many lyrics speak about being in dazzling or beautiful places, seeing interesting things and […]

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[Album Review] Bullet For My Valentine – Gravity

If the definition of insanity is “doing something over and over again and expecting a different result”, then musically you need look little further than the career of Bullet For My Valentine. Of course, it certainly didn’t seem that this was going to be the case at first: with the band’s hugely successful debut The […]