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One Tree Hill (2003): Genius Shows We Loved

One Tree Hill was one of the most popular teen dramas on television when it premiered during the early 2000s. It followed two half-brothers, Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty), who grew up in a small fictional town called Tree Hill, North Carolina. They both play for Tree Hill’s high school basketball […]


Kingdom Season 2 Review

Kingdom Season 2 came out with a bang. Within the first 30 seconds, you already saw hordes of zombies running at the main characters. Unlike the first season, it took a couple of episodes before they even appeared. One of the great things that they did with this season is they ended with a bang […]


Picard Season 1: Episode 8 “Broken Pieces”

Picard continues to expand character arcs for both established fan-favorite characters and characters we are still getting to know. This week’s episode focuses on the mysterious Rios and Seven of Nine. The episode focus is on the broken pieces of Captain Rios’ personality while also showing how emotionally broken Seven of Nine is. We also […]