Chiodos Release New Album, “Devil”

Nearly two years after their reunion with original lead singer Craig Owens, Michigan post-hardcore band Chiodos have released a new album. Titled “Devil”, this is the first release with Owens and drummer Derrick Frost since 2007’s “Bone Palace Ballet”.

Devil’s title stemmed from the struggle of the band to live a productive life amongst everyday difficulties. Owens stated Devil’s title “is about the temptations of everyday life; the things that become regrets; the moments where you are forced to make a choice that will determine how it is that you look at yourself for the rest of your life. This album is my definition of Devil.”

“I still can’t believe this day is here. I feel so blessed and thankful to continue doing what I do. The past two years have been the absolute best of my life. I couldn’t be more proud in this moment. Thank you all for helping me make my dreams come true.” – Craig Owens

Owens previously released a successful album with Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (also known as D.R.U.G.S.) with former members of From First To Last, Story of the Year and Underminded. After Owens returned to Chiodos, D.R.U.G.S.’ fate became uncertain and the band disbanded shortly after.

You can catch Chiodos on their current headlining U.S. tour. See dates here.

Devil Track-Listing:

1. U.G. Introduction
2. We’re Talking About Practice
3. Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now
4. Why The Munsters Matter
5. 3 AM
6. Sunny Days & Hand Grenades
7. Duct Tape
8. Behvis Bullock
9. Looking For A Tornado
10. Expensive Conversations In Cheap Motels
11. I’m Awkward & Unusual
12. Under Your Halo
13. I Am Everything That’s Normal

Have you heard the new album? Have an opinion of Craig’s return to the band or have you seen them live? Please tell us in the comments below!

Sources: Official Craig Owens Facebook, official Chiodos Facebook, Chiodos official website, and Razor & Tie.

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