Coachella and The Return of Outkast

It’s my favorite part of the year. Winter is over, the flowers begin to sprout, the days seem longer and the rich and famous put on their hippie-best and invade Indio, Ca’s Coachella.

For those who are not familiar with the three day, two weekend music fest, it is an annual party for those who can afford the hefty pricetag. There’s great music, lots of drugs and it’s super face-melting hot. You will brush elbows with the celebrity elite (and maybe not so elite, ahem Kardashian sisters) and you are 100% guaranteed a great music experience.

Exhibit A: The return of Atlanta hip-hop masterminds, Outkast!!

Outkast hasn’t had a release since 2006’s Idlewild and the band seemed to go their separate ways with Andre 3000 focusing on an acting career and Big Boi releasing solo work. Then, coincidentally or not, around the 10 year anniversary of 2003’s juggernaut “Hey Ya”, the band announced they would be reuniting and performing the festival circuit. People, myself included, went cray-cray and all seemed right with the world.

According to Mashable, the band’s reunion at Coachella is the most tweeted about moment of this year’s festival. The group started out with “B.O.B” and ended with songs from their Speakerboxxx/The Love Below solo combination album, and were going to perform a song with Killer Mike, probably “The Whole World”, but had to be booted off the stage because of the event’s super-strict “no music after 1AM policy”. I’m so jealous I wasn’t there.

Notable acts also included Arcade Fire, HAIM, Foster the People, CVRCHES, Skrillex, Lorde, Queens of the Stoneage and a bunch of bands you are probably not cool enough to know about…


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