Confirmation of a New Three Days Grace Album in the Works

Back in April when we announced Matt Walst’s on boarding as the new front runner of Three Days Grace coupled with the release of “Painkiller” we all speculated that a new album might be in the works.  Well it turns out we were right!  According to a post by Three Days Grace drummer Neil Sanderon at Loudwire the band has begun recording their fifth studio album in a Toronto facility called Noble Street.

Sanderson revealed in a recent interview that the band has gone back to its roots to write for the new album.  “We’ve gone back to this rehearsal space that really things began in, and it’s this like concrete box in downtown Toronto. You know, you can’t really open the window ’cause it’s right in the middle of downtown and noise complaints and all this. And you know, I think one of the keys for us is if we’re comfortable, we’re not creative, so we get like really uncomfortable chairs and we sit and face each other with guitars and just pound out stuff.” Sanderson said.

After the March 31st release of “Painkiller” this is an exciting announcement.  With a new vocalist and an old sound this new album should be an interesting surprise for everyone and I know I’m personally very excited to see what sound all these changes will produce.

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