[AltWire Interview] Dub-321 On “Braving Babylon”


After a significant hiatus, Space Coast reggae band, Dub-321 has finally released their much-anticipated comeback LP, Braving Babylon. Dub-321’s lead, Miles once again took some time to chat with our team and share with us some highlights of its production.

“When you listen to the album you probably notice what seems to be a conflicting message. This is because some of the songs on the album were written prior to my incarceration, some written during my incarceration, and a couple after. It’s sort of a yin and yang thing also that I deal with finding balance like the Angel and the Devil on my shoulder. A constant battle or struggle within myself. I wanted to be real and be myself on this record. 

“Out on Bond” is basically about my experience in the Corrections system and my fear of that being a reality in my future at some point again. 

“Better Days” was actually the first song I wrote while I was locked up after I decided not to give up on my passions and my dreams and I realize that what I was going through was going to end at some point.

“Dem Roots” is about the declining state of the morality of our species as a whole, from my perspective and how we need to get back to the basics, the root of it all, and reevaluate what direction we really want to go as the human race and come together as one and make it happen.

“Beautiful Muse” is about a girl who I had been madly in love with years ago that re-emerged into my life after I had finally gotten over her.”

In listening to their latest album, I’ve found Dub-321’s Braving Babylon to be a very inspiring compilation of songs that’ll help get you through no matter where you are in your life. Make sure to follow Dub-321 on their social media for their shows on the Space Coast and Central Florida. 

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