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I’d just like to start this review off by saying what the hell Frank Ocean. Words cannot describe how upset I am that Boys Don’t Cry didn’t come out on Friday. It seems like every other month they say the album is finally going to drop, and every month we all get our hopes up just to be let down. I woke up Friday morning, checked twitter and saw this tweet from Jasper, an Odd Future Tagalong.

Of course, the link provided was a link to Tyler the Creator’s 2011 project Goblin. Hilarious prank, absolutely hilarious and not heartbreaking in any way whatsoever. Frank. Please. Release. The. Album. Alright, that’s enough crying over Frank Ocean.

On Tuesday, blackbear, rising R&B/Rap artist released his 3rd project of the year titled “cashmere noose”. Blackbear is a part of the weird sort of neo-R&B genre that has emerged in the last year or two with artists like Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez. However, while most members of the genre dabble in subject matters like girls and sex, blackbear raps about his life most of the time. While that does sometimes involve sex and girls, like in the song “rly real” or “princess complex”, most of the time blackbear just raps about his lifestyle. Most of the time songs about blackbear’s lifestyle are very sad, like “sometimes i want 2 die”, however, there are instances where blackbear provides insight to his lifestyle without depressing the audience. In “sniffing vicodin in paris” blackbear provides insight to the Hollywood lifestyle, and in a way condemns it.

“I don’t wanna go to Kylie Jenner’s party I don’t wanna go, every girl look like a Barbie actin like a hoe, talkin bout themselves and only them and maybe clothes, I’m sick of LA Bullshit man I gotta go”

Lyrically, blackbear is head and heels above the competition, but that’s not even the most interesting aspect of his music. Blackbear’s music is amazingly produced. His songs are very synth heavy, and have hard hitting trap drums. The beats seemingly understand the lyrics, this makes sense as blackbear produced a few songs on the EP, and the song’s he didn’t produce I’m sure he had a heavy influence on. Word’s really can’t describe how fantastic the production is on this EP.

Overall, I really enjoyed this EP. The production is amazing, and it isn’t entirely dull lyrically. The EP has great songs to cry to, and better songs to dance to. The only real grievance I have with the album is the song “princess complex”. I don’ hate it or anything it just isn’t a very interesting song. I found myself bored about half way through it, which is a harsh critique for a 3-minute song. It’s definitely the worst produced song on the album, the drums are weak and the synths are boring. The lyrics tell a story, and that’s probably the only redeeming quality of the song, but the story isn’t really unique in any way. Aside from one song I’m in love with blackbear’s new EP and at the rate he’s dropping these we shouldn’t have to wait too long for the next one.

Favorite Songs: sniffing vicodin in paris, rly real, sometimes i want 2 die, my bad love

Least Favorite Songs: princess complex

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