AltWire Artists to Watch: J-Tone, Izzy, & WontoN

Kansas City is on the come up. There is an uncanny amount of young talented artists in the area. From Rory Fresco, who just signed a deal with Epic Records a Kye Colors, the relatively unknown rapper/producer that released a fantastic mixtape titled 00 this month. One of the best Kansas City producers is J-Tone, and he is going to be releasing an EP titled [explicit content] on April 12th with Kansas City rappers Izzy y WontoN. You can view the teaser for the upcoming EP below.

The artists are not in any sort of group, and are just individuals making a project together. Sort of like what Jay Z and Kanye West did back in 2011 with Watch The Throne. The overall feel of the album will be “energetic” and “fun” according to J-Tone, while Izzy describes the album as “unorthodox”. I’m expecting a combination of J-Tone’s smooth production, like on his Lowkey remix, and some trap inspired songs like Want More, a song that the three artists made about a month ago. However, you never know how it could sound. Especially when you consider that one of the artists who contributed to the EP described it as “unorthodox”. The EP should be very interesting regardless, as this is the first full length project any of the artists have put out.

I will be reviewing this project so watch out for it’s release on April 12th. If you’re craving more J-Tone, Izzy, or WontoN you can check out their soundclouds, or follow them on twitter. The links will be below.

J-Tone Soundcloud:

J-Tone Twitter:
Izzy SoundCloud:
Izzy Twitter:

WontoN Soundcloud:
WontoN Twitter:

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