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Jessica Lynn is one of the rising stars of country crossover music. Perfectly blending country and pop music, she has already accomplished much in the early stages of her career. Allan Maxwell managed to have a sit down with her on the Glasgow leg of her mammoth European tour.

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How’s the tour been so far?

Jessica Lynn: The tour has been amazing so far. We have met so many incredible people and experienced such fun shows. It has been a dream come true to travel the world playing my music and to open for bands like ZZ Top!

How do you feel travelling round Europe in light of recent (terrorist) events?

Jessica Lynn: I just don’t think about it. If you are afraid of everything you will never have the courage to get out and experience life! We are very excited to be here and have only positive thoughts about this trip!

What got you interested in music?

Jessica Lynn: Both of my parents are musicians and I grew up with them always playing and singing so it was a big influence on me. Being in a musical household definitely rubs off on you and I wanted to be a singer / songwriter for as long as I can remember. Now, my parents both play in my band. My Dad is my bass player and my Mom is my background vocalist!

You’re currently being hailed as the new Shania Twain, how does that feel?

Jessica Lynn: I have always been a massive Shania Twain fan and that is really the utmost compliment. I was always fascinated by her ability to mix so many different genres together to form her own new brand of country and it was a big inspiration as I began to want to make my own way and path in to country. Being from New York, I have always been different within the genre and people like Shania have made that okay!

In your career already you have been invited to sing in Madison Square Garden, shared stages with Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Hank Williams Jr. What has been the highlight so far?

Jessica Lynn: That is such a hard question to answer because we have been so lucky to play so many exciting shows, however, the highlight of my career so far for me has been opening for Phil Vassar. Phil was one of my earliest country music inspirations and I am a MASSIVE fan. When he called me up on stage to sing with him I could have fainted! Watching the video back I still don’t believe it actually happened. I look up to him as a performer and songwriter very much.

Your husband (Steve Sterlacci) plays guitar for you, how do you get on when you’re on the road?

Jessica Lynn: It is so nice having my husband with me on the road. Getting to experience everything together makes it all that much special and you never feel like you’re far away from home!

You receive a lot of attention through social media, with a fair amount of pretty sleazy comments. How do you react when you read this sort of thing?

Jessica Lynn: My husband and I actually just take those comments with a grain of salt and get a laugh out of them. Unfortunately, people are going to do what they are going to do and a bad reaction on my part isn’t going to change that. They give us lots of free entertainment lol. Just make the best of every situation!

Your new single “Crazy Idea” has just been released. Where did you get the inspiration from the track?

Jessica Lynn: I think that everyone can relate to developing feelings for a close friend and thinking that you are crazy for doing so! My husband and I started out as friends and when I started to like him as more than that, I really thought it was a “Crazy Idea” that we could get together, but as the song says, “just maybe crazy’s alright.”

Tell us more about your new EP Look At Me That Way.

Jessica Lynn: This EP was really exciting for me to make because I traveled to Belgium to do it and was very fortunate to work with the acclaimed producer Patrick Hamilton (Katherine Jenkins, David Garret) It was so much fun mixing my New York and country musical influences with the team in Belgium’s European Pop influences to create something new and fresh!

What does the rest of 2017 hold?

Jessica Lynn: We will be releasing the EP in America on September 1st and I will be doing more touring in support of it. We have a music video coming for “Crazy Idea” and I hope to get signed to a record label this year!

Do you have a message for your fans?

Jessica Lynn: Thank you so much for all of your support and belief in me.

Do you have any advice for young girls looking to follow in your footsteps?

Jessica Lynn: My advice for young girls is to always follow your heart and your dreams. You can seriously do anything that you set your mind to and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. If you have determination and heart, you can accomplish even your wildest aspirations!

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