Estampida de Calgary: Día 7 - Octi-Lollipops

Calgary Stampede Day 7

On July 10, 2019 individuals from all over the world headed over to day 7 of the Estampida de Calgary to eat a variety of unique foods such as the Octi-Lollipop, an octopus tentacle on a stick (sounds disgusting but apparently it is to die for according to stampede go-ers), ride their favorite rides, play their favorite carnival games and most importantly watch live performances at various venues across the stampede grounds.

I headed over to the Coca-Cola Stage to catch a performance from local Calgary art-rock band Braids (no not the hairstyle as one may expect.) Although Braids is from Calgary, Alberta, they are currently living their lives to the fullest in Montreal, Quebec. The local band is currently formed of members Raphaelle Standell-Preston (Vocalist), Austin Tufts y Taylor Smith. Braids formed their group way back in their high school years in 2006, releasing their debut album Native Speaker en 2011.

The art-rock band came back to their hometown to perform a quick set at the Estampida de Calgary Coca-Cola Stage and enjoy all the festivities that come along with the Stampede. It was a chilly evening but that did not scare Braids away from putting on a captivating performance at the Coke Stage. The band took to the stage to put on a mesmerizing performance for the crowd with their dream-pop sound. The Calgary band performed songs such as “Letting Go,” “Lemonade,” and my personal favorite “Miniskirt”

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