Anunciado el cartel de Coachella

Get ready poor people, you have even more of a reason to want to win the lottery!

Coachella has just announced their lineup for the 2014 festival and it’s pretty amazing. Not only are you getting Muse, Arcade Fire, Beck and plethora of other fantastic acts, but you will also witness the return of hip-hop legends Outkast.

Yes, you read that correctly! One of the most influential and accessible groups are reuniting for the festival which takes place on the weekends of April 11-13 and 18-20.

The festival will also see the return of The Replacements, considered to be the pioneers of the alt-rock scene.

So if you have $375 to spend on a ticket plus how ever much airfare is, then you should get your tickets fast because they will most likely sell out within minutes. If you do end up getting tickets, prepare to have your face melted off by pure sonic awesomeness!

You can see the rest of the lineup aquí

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