[Reseña del concierto] Seether

Photos and review by Brett Allan Photography

From the moment you walked in, there was no denying who the crowd was here to see, and that was the headliner: Seether. As the opening band and local radio station 93X winner Sleep Signal entered the stage you heard a faint backdrop from the crowd chanting Seether…Seether…Seether.

Local band Sleep Signal opening the show.

For those who gave the opening band a chance, Sleep Signal was definitely a worthwhile opener and just when you were looking for more, they were gone. Just a tease, leaving you wanting more. The good news is that they’ll be back in September with a EP Release Party.

Big Story, from Dallas, followed the local openers, and they did a great job firing up the crowd. Once again, this was a short set and I would love to hear more from these guys. The vocals by the lead singer were absolutely astounding.

Letters From The Fire, and their hair.

Letters from The Fire followed them and they immediately drew me in. The stage presence of this group was phenomenal. I absolutely love the voice of lead singer Alexa Kabazie. Between the vocals, fantastic guitar work and hair (seriously, it was flying everywhere), this was an impressive performance.

Seether is took the stage with “Stoke The Fire,” which incited several fights to break out on the floor. The venue’s security was quick and to the point, pulling them out and escorting them out of the building. Seether continued their massive set with “Nobody Praying For Me” and “Rise Above This.”

Finally, the big hits start coming and everyone is singing, swaying and dancing if they can find the room as the band starts blasting through songs like “Broken,” “No Jesus Christ” and “Change,” which is a Deftones cover.

They finished the night with the crowd just rocking and wanting more as they played my favorite single, “Fake It.” They followed with “Let You Down” ended the night with “The Remedy.”

Just like the night started, it also ended…with a chant of SeetherSeetherSeether.

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