Devin Townsend ofrece novedades sobre Ziltoid 2 y DTP

Devin Townsend gave fans an update on Ziltoid and The Devin Townsend Project via his Facebook page, giving a tracklisting and an idea of the concept saying:

 “Yeeessssss! Z2 is starting to come together! The theme of the double album is Ziltoid versus the DTP, with both getting their own album.”

It is certainly an interesting concept bringing the 2 projects together. Ziltoid was regarded by Townsend as his first true foray into being a solo artist, with him doing the all the music, programming, and mixing himself. Townsend says that there will be a surprising lack of Ziltoid himself appearing on the album. It also appears that Devin will not be entirely alone this time around as the he has stated via that  the album will include “real drums, orchestra, choirs etc…”

Since Ziltoid 2 has been greatly discussed; but seemed to be put on the back burner for the Devin Townsend Project, it appears fans will finally get what they’ve been waiting for.

But wait there’s more! Casualties of Cool is also set for May with Ghost 2 being included in the special edition. So this is sure to be a great year for Devin Townsend fans. There’s no doubt that the man is a music making machine and this year will certainly prove just that.

Ziltoid Tracklist:

Ziltoidian Overture
From Sleep Awake
War Princess
March Of The Poozers
Silent Militia
Ziltoid Goes Home
Dimension Z

DTP Tracklist:

Warrior Way
Midnight Sun
Offer Your Light
Rain City
Farther On

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