El camino de Emmaline - Entrevista con la cantante de Bombshell

Let’s face it, life is turmoil.

Life is a constant whirlwind of events that control our most intimate surroundings. The strange part about it is, we don’t have much individual control over the things that shape our personalities.

It’s a rare occasion when we, as human beings, are so focused we can literally see the finish line at the end of the tunnel.

Australian singer Emmaline has found a way to maintain that focus.

Born in Australia, the singer came to America to further her career. While in Atlanta, she came to a crossroads of sorts. It was time to choose a path. Despite the roadblocks and shady industry people posing as friends, she kept pushing.

After you hear her music, you too, will be glad that she did! Emmaline is hoping that her audience will be so glad, that they will push her right over the top!



How long have you been singing?

Mannnnn! I was singing as a toddler. At the time, I was just feeling it out and mimicking what I heard. I’ve been really singing and pursuing this full time for about 5 or 6 years. I’ve always sang, written, and done gigs. I never took it seriously until my dad passed. So…yeah 6 years as a solo artist.

Sorry about your Dad, Em. So, your Dad was a huge influence on you becoming serious about your craft I assume? Did he sing too?

He was a big influence on me. He really introduced me to his passion of music, which in turn showed me how wonderful it is. He could sing, but he never pursued it. He showed me the importance of music and introduced me to so much diversity! I guess I just grew up thinking everyone was like that.

It sounds like you were a daddy’s girl.

I really wasn’t (laughing), my sister was.  When it came to music, right up until he passed, I looked up to him. He knew so much!

Do you play any instruments?

Haha. No, I do not. I tinker on a piano and make a fool of myself on the guitar from time to time, but no.

Do you pretend to play while the REAL Joan Jett is behind the curtains?

No! I never play in public, hell no. I leave it up to the professionals! I just use both from time to time, if I’m struggling with where to go melodically on a song I’m writing.

Speaking of melodies, does the beat play a role in your songwriting process? Or, do you write without music?

A bit of both. I can be laying in bed, or in the shower, and get a melody out of nowhere. I can be just messing around singing to my friend’s dog and catch a melody. I guess I mostly get them from beats. I find melodies in the strangest places, now that i think of it.

See, I’m making you think (laughing)! You’re probably listening to the rhythm of the keys typing to come up with a melody. You could be the pop version of Twista.

Wouldn’t that be something!

Right! Let’s switch gears for a bit and talk about your home for a bit. What is Australia like, other than Winter is in July and the toilets flush in reverse?

Australia is like a big, huge country town compared to America. It’s just a slightly slower pace compared to here. It’s super cool, don’t get me wrong. We have our big cities, but it’s nothing when compared to America. We have space, mate…so much space. Our population is small. Traffic is nothing compared to America. I remember driving on the 75 in Atlanta for the first time like ohhhh OK this is traffic! It was so stressful. I mean, we also drive on the other side of the road y on the other side of the car. Can you imagine the mind tricks in play for me? I constantly have to be focused on where I am, all the way down to which car door to get into! Even crossing the street is a battle when your overseas.

I’ve always wanted to visit Sydney though! Are you more of a country girl or a city girl?

I think everyone sees me as a city girl, and I am, but I grew up out in the country. So for me, im definitely all city, but I love to just be out in the quiet to unwind. I love animals, all animals, so I love to be out where there are bunches of them and no city noise. I don’t think I could ever handle it for long periods of time.

You definitely seem comfortable navigating the city in your new video, “The Path”.

Yeah, Edgewood Avenue is one of my favorite places in Atlanta. There is so much historic significance. Martin Luther King’s house is right there, as well as all of the old clubs from back in the day. It’s so cool

The Path is one of those songs that make you reflect on yourself and think, “Do I actually have a focus on my own path in life?” It kind of seems like you’re at a crossroads in your life. As if you’re questioning yourself while weighing your options.

I think I was when I wrote it. I question myself at all times. I know where I want to be now, but at the time i was really confused. I had way too many decisions to make that had no obvious solutions. It was a truly awful time for me, and the song doesnt resolve itself either. I think even that in itself says how all over the place I was at the time. I had no real idea of what the hell it was that i was doing. It was scary, because I didnt want to get out of bed. I don’t suffer from depression, but I really just didnt know how to deal with alot of things

So what made you gather yourself and focus on the path ahead?

I was on a path that didnt work out, so I couldnt see the new one, let’s put it that way. However, I’m a fighter! I might get beat down from time to time, but I will get up! I dont give up. I want more from myself than that! I owe myself more.

Against odds you continue to push yourself no matter what. A lot of people give up instead of changing strategies. A lot of artists could learn from you Em!

It’s either that or I’m just crazy, Al! Theres that view too lol! I just love music so much! Even when it had me homeless, I didnt give up. Why should I now? I just dont want to do anything else. Nothing else matters to me like this does. I didn’t learn to sing, I just could. I didn’t learn to put melodies together, I just did. It comes from a place that I didn’t choose, so I have to do right by it. God gives us all a gift to pursue. This is mine. Music never gets boring. I am constantly learning! It’s always changing and I can’t think of anything more exciting than that!

I love your passion! Tell me about the people behind your music. What role do they play in shaping your sound?

I work with a lot of people but I have a few core producers that I would call part of the team/family. Its a collective thing. We talk about where I’m trying to go with my sound. I love working with Gee Streets,Team Strong, and the Democratz mostly. They really get the movement. I also work with this amazing producer named Ism too. His music is so thematic, like movie sounding music. His stuff gives you pictures in your mind. There’s also this guy in Canada too, Ty Butler. It’s always a group-effort to shape my sound. The trick is to always stay true to yourself while trying out different styles of beats. You have to keep your originality. I wrote to a trap beat, and still sang like me on it. Somehow, the song really works! I think shaping your sound is the most important thing, and not every producer gets that…or what you’re trying to do.

Sounds like you’re just as much of a producer as your producers!

Yeah, lol. I guess I am.

So, after The Path EP, what can we expect next from the great Emmaline?

The album is next. I need to get out there and tour! I’m just really getting back into doing gigs, since I’ve got that bug back. I want to concentrate on putting a band together and getting out on the road! I want to do more features and concentrate on a larger body of work.

I’m sure you are going to make a lot of noise, Em! You have a fan here. Thank You so much for this interview and your time!

You’re welcome! Much love and thanks for your time too!

Photo Credit: Atlanta Photographer Michael Foster

Follow Emmaline on SoundCloud at: soundcloud.com/iamemmaline and on Twitter at: @iamemmaline




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