AltWire Playlists – Erik’s Stoner Rock Playlist

Fuzz pedals, big amps and guitars tuned down a step or two is pretty much all you need to write a stoner rock song. In this playlist I picked 10 stoner songs that are frequently playing on my phone. As you can tell the Josh Homme tracks are my favorite due to the fact that there are three of them (Kyuss & Queens of the Stone Age). Although JH takes up nearly a third of the playlist, the others are nothing to skip out on. The Sword, Mastodon and Stoned Jesus are a few of the others that I really enjoy too.

When I think of stoner rock I think of the blues, but heavier and that’s exactly what this batch of songs contains. One that really stands out to me is “Rabbit One” by Masters of Reality. This is the only song on the playlist that isn’t in your face, but it doesn’t lack any of the feel that stoner rock produces. The song starts with a funky bass line and light drums, which immediately gives it a somewhat drugged out feel. It is probably one of the simplest songs I’ve heard, but its very unique.

Stoner rock is something that I stumbled upon myself a few years ago, which is why it stands out more than genres that were shown to me. As a kid who grew up on acts like Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Yes, stoner bands like the ones listed above bring back a lot of the same energy and feel as those legendary bands from the 60s and 70s and that’s why I enjoy listening to them so much. The playlist is available on Altwire’s Spotify page (altwiremusic) or below:

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