Fred Durst Dirige un Spot para eHarmony, Míralo Aquí

In his latest career move, Fred Durst is now telling people to Take A Look Around in the first of three television commercials directed by the Limpbizkit front-man.

Titled ‘Caroline and Friend’, the 30 second spot continues the advertising campaign of eHarmony founder Neil Clark Warren and his supposed granddaughter “Caroline” (who is actually an actress cast as such – scandal!), and is every bit as cheesy as you’d come to expect from a commercial for a dating website. This is not Durst’s first foray into commercial directing as previously directed a commercial for MyCleanPC earlier this year.

In commenting on his work with eHarmony, Fred Durst said the following:

“It was a really amazing experience. The chemistry was perfect right off the bat. I’d definitely be open to doing something else if they wanted me to.”

To view the Fred Durst directed commercial, check it out over at Ad Age. It’s a well directed commercial for sure, and actually pretty well done for a TV spot. However; we’d be curious as to whether or not any Durst fans will sign up and actually find love thanks to these new commercials. Just imagine, they too could do it all for the nookie, or find their Significant Other thanks to Fred Durst!

One question he hasn’t answered though is what’s next. With TV Spots for computer virus software, and online dating already under his belt, what type of product will Fred Durst be directing a commercial for after this? Our vote is for toilet paper:

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling...

“Now I know ya’ll be lovin’ this shit right here…”

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