SomeKindaWonderful: 1 hora increíble con Jordy Towers

SomeKindaWonderful performing live

SomeKindaWonderful performing live

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During our nearly hour long discussion, Jordy came ready to talk and wear his heart on his sleeve. His passion for music, SomeKindaWonderful and desire to make a difference in the genre was clear, and we shared an equal agreement on the current state of music and how Alternative Music needs more leaders and less followers.

Our discussion on his current group SomeKindaWonderful and his thoughts Alternative Music can be viewed on the first page of this article; however, here are some outtakes from the interview that didn’t make it to the first page. We feel they are worthy of your attention, and you can read the outtakes below.


On The Meaning of “Reverse”

Jordy Towers [SomeKindaWonderful]: If you want to know what Reverse is actually about, the whole story is in reverse. It actually happened to me, but I’m too masculine to admit it happened to me so I put the whole thing in reverse.

AW: So basically you switched it to be from the point of view of a man who did it, instead of a girl who did it?

Jordy Towers [SomeKindaWonderful]: Exactly, I put it in a man’s point a view because it’s in reverse.“I tell my story in reverse, because it hurts, it hurts too much to bear”. It hurts too much to bear the truth.

AW: One thing I find interesting when listening to the record is how some tracks have elements of Motown but others seem to blend hip-hop, rock and R&B. If I understand correctly, your early interests in music saw you listening to a lot of hip-hop records like Dr. Dre and 2 Live Crew. How important is it for you to stay in touch with your hip-hop roots in the music you create now? Do you feel hip-hop is ingrained in your musical DNA?

Jordy Towers [SomeKindaWonderful]: Yeah 100%, not just as a writer but as a performer. If you come to our show you feel as if you’ve come to a hip-hop show, even though I don’t rap once [on the record]. I did a spoken word thing on one of the songs, but just my performance alone is kind of like a rap show. It’s like Hip-Hop Broadway, I can’t explain it man.

It’s a rock opera kind of, because everything is acted out. I don’t just stand there with a guitar and a mic and just sing the song. I don’t play any instruments, so I use every part of my being to perform. I dance, I sing my ass off, and I blow my voice out almost every show. I give it 100% every night, and that comes from my rap roots.

I used to be in a rap-rock band and I had a band that was basically like The Roots, you know like how Black Thought just freestyles the entire time? That’s what I used to do. So I’m used to just ‘coming off the top’ and just entertaining. I fucking love it. That’s my favorite part of the whole thing.

I really enjoy making songs, but when it comes to performing that’s my shit. It makes me so happy to move people, to have a crowd full of people who have never seen me before. And at the end of it all I know that I’ve won them over, you know? That type of shit makes me feel so good. The hip-hop thing is where I started, and it will always be a part of my performance, and [a part of me] as a writer.

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