Through The Never" de Metallica, un fracaso mundial

Earlier in the year it came out that Metallica’s experimental 3D movie “Through The Never” had flopped in the US.  Well it turns out the Americans aren’t the only ones not interested. reports:

“Through the Never has now opened in twenty-five foreign territories across Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia, and to date, has only made $4,452,165 in those markets. Combined with its domestic earnings, that brings its total gross to  $7,872,132 — not even half of its reported $18 million production budget, which doesn’t even include marketing costs.”

However the soundtrack for the flailing film has sold approximately 60,000 copies, which considering the much lesser costs of producing the CD vs the film and the state of record sales, is a pretty damn good number. So with the score they may come out on top by the skin of their noses. Not to mention they must rushing to get it out on Blu-Ray/DVD before the holiday season. It would be a huge fumble on their part if they didn’t. Plus, Battery would make great motivation for any Black Friday shopper!

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