Matt Bellamy de Muse habla del LP Drones: "Es bastante personal"

As fans wait eagerly for Muse’s latest record “Drones” to hit stores on June 9th;  vocalist Matt Bellamy and his band-mates have been doing the rounds as of late, unveiling precious details involving the band’s eagerly awaited new album.

In a recent interview with Q Magazine about the band’s latest single ‘Dead Inside’, Bellamy revealed that songs found within “Drones” will be very personal, and that there is not a lot of love to be found on the new record:

“I went very internal, very into my paranoias, weird feelings and life experiences. It’s quite personal,” Matt explained, while describing the lyrics to Dead Inside as being about “a relationship ending and a person becoming dead inside themselves”.

Bellamy has gone on in the past to explain that the album’s title is not a direct political commentary on the modern issue of Drone warfare, but instead a metaphor on the current state of human empathy. Speaking to Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 last month, he described the album as “a modern metaphor for what it is to lose empathy.” He continued: “I think that through modern technology, and obviously through drone warfare in particular, it’s possible to actually do quite horrific things by remote control, at a great distance, without actually feeling any of the consequences, or even feeling responsible in some way.”

“The next step in drones is gonna be autonomous drones, which actually make ‘kill’ decisions themselves, where no humans are involved.”

Listen to ‘Dead Inside’ Below:

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