Of Mice And Men publica el videoclip de "Feels Like Forever

Photo Credit: Travis Shinn

Of Mice And Men have premiered an official music video for their song, ‘Feels Like Forever’ via USA Today. The song is from their most recent album, ‘Restoring Force’, which was produced by Rise Records and is the band’s third full length album.

Frontman, Austin Carlile, made the following statement to USA today regarding the song; “The song is about an internal battle and feeling like everything is crashing down on you, it’s raining down on you, drowning you. It’s a song that we want to empower people to know that everybody goes through storms, everybody goes through trials and tribulations. It’s the focus of how to get out of it, how to better yourself from it, how to learn from it so it doesn’t happen again. Then, if it does happen again, you know exactly how to handle it.”

Starting on November 3rd, in Zurich, Switzerland, Of Mice And Men will be opening for Linkin Park on a short European Arena Tour. The tour will end on November 24th in London, UK. Check out the ‘Feels Like Forever’ official video as well as a full list of tour dates below!

European Tour Dates:

  • November 3rd– Zurich Switzerland
  • 4 de noviembreth– Stuttgart, Germany
  • November 6th– Cologne, Germany
  • November 7th– Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • November 9th– Oberhausen, Germany
  • November 10th– Hamburg, Germany
  • November 12th– Leipzig, Germany
  • November 13th– München, Germany
  • November 14th– Vienna, Austria
  • November 16th– Paris, France
  • November 17th– Frankfurt, Germany
  • November 19th– Berlin, Germany
  • November 20th– Bremen, Germany
  • November- 22nd– Manchester, UK
  • November 23rd– London, UK
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