La sensación musical Payton lanza su primer EP "Insomnia

PaytonCredit Jack Dytrych

On his nineteenth birthday, July 28th, (happy birthday!), singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist payton dropped his six track debut EP, Insomnia. With hook-heavy catchy pop songs combined with confessional lyrics, the Insomnia EP is a stunner.

Since the release of his soul-baring debut single, “Love Letter” which arrived in April 2020 and amassed more than 1.5 million Spotify listens in less than a week, Payton has received significant attention online, with over 80 million streams, 15 million TikTok followers, and trillions of views and impressions to date. The release of Insomnia, which follows the successful singles/videos for “blamey "all wrong,” and cements his position as an artist to watch.

With his new material, payton is eager to strengthen his bond with the many fans who have come to rely on his music for comfort and release.

“When I was on tour, I had a lot of people coming up to me and telling me that my music had saved them when they were going through tough situations in their lives,” payton says. “In my own life, I’m not really the type to be super-honest with the people around me if I’m having problems; I usually just deal with everything by putting it into a song. It means a lot to me that my music could end up helping people and making them feel better at those moments when they feel like no one understands them.” 

Producer Donny Bravo worked with payton on the release of Insomnia, and on August 2nd payton will be celebrating the release of the EP with a headline show at The Echo in Los Angeles. Purchase tickets here.

Follow Payton:

TikTok – 15.2 Million

Instagram – 4.8 Million

Youtube – 1.1 Million

Twitter – 305K


Insomnia Track Listing:

1.       way out

2.       blame

3.       all wrong

4.       you don’t care

5.       move along

6.       insomnia

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