#TheSpark: Hot Music For The Week of 03/20-03/27

Welcome to The Spark, a feature on AltWire where we put the spotlight on fun, exciting and diverse artists that we feel deserve your undivided attention.  All available for immediate consumption and in satisfying servings for your cerebral taste buds. Filet mignon for your ears, what could be better then that?

Below are some of the awesome and unique artists that we’ve found ourselves listening to this week. Enjoy and be sure to support the artists!


For their latest video, the alternative rock band Night Argent offers up a stunning ‘deconstructed’ version of their track “Nothing More Beautiful”. Nothing More Beautiful is the first single that has been released from Night Argent’s upcoming self titled EP. The song features soft guitar, beat boxing, and beautiful vocals. While the beat boxing might sound strange, it works and we really enjoyed the song!


Quite a few of us on AltWire let out of a collective squeal of joy when the band dropped an album announcement on YouTube over a week ago. Those excitable yells only continued when PTV dropped the killer new cut “Texas Is Forever”, in advance of their upcoming record Misadventures. Hardcore fans of Pierce The Veil will see this track as an aggressive return to the band’s earliest roots, as the track’s blistering instrumental helps to serve up one of the fastest tracks the band has ever done.


Kiiara’s debut album low-kii savage dropped last week with this song as the lead single. The song features a mixture of dance, electronic music, and r&b. With a catchy highly produced hook and a smoothly sung chorus this song has every element needed to become a mainstream hit. Expect this to climb up the charts within the next few months.


Fun Fact: While AltWire may be comprised of writing staff from all across the globe, our home base is and always has been the bustling city of Reading, Pennsylvania. Home to the Santander Arena and the famous Pagoda up on top of Mount Penn, the Reading area has given birth to some very talented music acts over the last few years and our massively talented hometown natives A Scent Like Wolves are no exception. Featuring a fantastic blend of fast paced metalcore and alternative, these folks are have just dropped their new album Frigid Future vía We Are Triumphant, and it is now available for purchase worldwide. If you love what you hear below, be sure to stay tuned to their official Facebook on 03/30/16 as they will be world premiering a new music video for their next single “Haunted”.


Get Out is a new single from the Frightened Rabbit’s upcoming album Painting of a Panic Attack. The song can be akin to Coldplay mixed with hard rock, and it sounds absolutely fantastic. The video for the song also has some pretty great social commentary.

Vampires Everywhere!

What happens when you combine a sound reminiscent of early 90s Nine Inch Nails, with Combichrist and set it to impressive and eye-catching visuals? You get the awesome video for “Perfect Lie”, the lead single from Vampires Everywhere!’s latest release Ritual, which dropped earlier this month and is now available on iTunes. Check out the video below.


Miamigo just finished their European tour and they are already putting out new music. Everyone I Know is a great alternative pop song, and Miamigo is really great example of what the genre has to offer. Check this song out.


We loved the emotionally charged lyrics, vocal delivery and beautiful harmonizing found within the post hardcore outfit Cardinal Bay’s powerhouse track ‘Answers’ off of their second EP of the same name. Featuring lyrics that deal with the anguish that a child may experience from their parents’ divorce, and the answers they may seek in trying to figure out “why”, this track will find itself resonating in the hearts of anyone who has ever experienced a divorce, or ugly end to a relationship. Their EP is available for pre-order, and you can find it on Bandcamp aquí.


Now this video is dope. Created using the reality distortion app Hyperspektiv (created by Glitch Mob member Justin Boreta), the industrial rock legend Circle Of Dust churns out a mesmerizing and visually satisfying video for his track Contagion. Check it out below.


While this video differs from the other videos on this list since it was released last June (and not recently) Chef’Special’s In Your Arms still has found itself on our playlist for most of the week. This song is a huge change in style from Chef’Special’s previous albums, as the Dutch band used to have a funk/rap/rock fusion band. Check out their EP aquí.



One Last Run may not be releasing their debut album for another few months yet, but you’d be forgiven for thinking One Last Run are already accomplished hard rock megastars, with the talent found and displayed on their smashing debut single “Unbreakable” (off of the album of the same name due out May 6th). Lead Vocalist Becky Roberts’ incredible vocals soar over the track’s furiously paced paced metal riffs and frantic drumming, creating a sound that would fit nicely on US Mainstream Rock radio. The best part? They’re English. Careful America, the British rock invasion may be happening once more, with hard rock bands like One Last Run leading the charge.


Can’t Get Enough is easily one of our favorite songs of the week. The song is slightly reminiscent of The 1975’s debut album with the pop/alternative rock production. The Stolen announced their new EP titled I’m so Dead earlier this month, and it’s available for preorder on iTunes now.


This week progressive metal band The Algorithm released a new song from their upcoming album BRUTE FORCE. Pointers is about what you would expect from the French band, the song features a dissonant mix of electronic and metal music and brings very high energy. In addition to the new song, The Algorithm released new merchandise that you can get on their website.

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