"You Make Me Sick" - El atrevido nuevo single de Ashnikko


Alt-pop has a new queen, and her name is Ashnikko. The up-and-coming artist took the music world by storm with her hugely successful 2021 mixtape DEMIDEVIL and 2019 EP Hi, garnering 2.5 billion streams across music platforms. Now, showing she’s not entirely done taking over the world, she’s back with one of her most intense singles yet. Her latest single, “You Make Me Sick,” is a bold declaration of her genre-bending musical prowess and is sure to be an absolute hit with anyone suffering from an incredibly angry breakup.

With its pulsing beats, nu-metal-inspired distortion, and Ashnikko’s powerful vocals, “You Make Me Sick” is a fierce call-out to an ex-lover, who she threatens to “squish like a little rotten fruit.” The song is unapologetically raw and full of attitude, with Ashnikko’s confident delivery delivering the message with a punch.

The music video for “You Make Me Sick” is equally impressive, featuring Ashnikko bending in a series of crazy poses with an edgy and playful visual style. The video is a visual feast, and if you’re a fan of the visual style of alt-pop artists like Billie Eilish, then you’ll love Ashnikko’s latest video. Much like Eilish, her music is unapologetically bold and unafraid to push boundaries, making her a true standout in the genre. With “You Make Me Sick,” Ashnikko has cemented her place as one of the most exciting new artists in music today.

“I’ve decided to come back with my angriest, most cathartic song to date,” Ashnikko explains. “My own personal rage room for me to smash my plates.”

Ashnikko will be making her debut at Coachella later this spring, with additional live dates confirmed across Asia, Australia/New Zealand, and more. See a complete list of upcoming shows aquí, and stay tuned to her socials for many more announcements coming soon.

Ashnikko – “You Make Me Sick”:

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