Malcolm Young, le chanteur d'AC/DC, en maison de retraite à temps plein

Just this past Wednesday Malcolm Young, songwriter, guitarist and co-founder of AC/DC, announced his retirement from the band after four decades of performing with the legendary rock act. Family members say he is now in a full-time care nursing home in the eastern suburbs of Sydney being treated for dementia. The 61-year-old Malcolm is believed to be staying at Lulworth House, a home that specializes in dementia treatment.

Young’s family connection said, “If you were in the room with [Malcolm Young] and walked out, then came back in one minute later, he wouldn’t remember who you are. He has a complete loss of short-term memory. His wife, Linda, has put him in full-time care.”

AC/DC currently has a studio album in the works, entitled ‘Rock or Bust’, and this will be the first album in 41 years that will not feature Malcolm Young. The album was recorded in Spring 2014 at Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, and is scheduled for release via Columbia Records on December 1st. Stevie Young,  the nephew of Malcolm Young, plays rhythm guitar on the album and will be joining the band on their 2015 world tour.

Front-man Brian Johnson debated on calling the album ‘Man Down’ to reference the co-founder’s leave, “But it’s a bit negative and it was probably just straight from the heart. I like that.”

Just a few days ago, the band released a snippet of their newest track, ‘Play Ball’, in a video for MLB post season coverage. Check out the video below.


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