Altwire Podcast Episode 3, Saison 1 - Rob Jabbaz (scénariste et réalisateur de "The Sadness")

Rob Jabbaz

Season 1 of the Altwire Podcast continues with a slightly different kind of guest. Just in time for the start of the spooky season, Derek sits down with Rob Jabbaz, director and writer of the Taiwanese body horror film “The Sadness.”

Released to critical acclaim, The Sadness is currently streaming on Shudder and is one of the most violent and gory horror films of the last decade and one of our all-time favorites. In this interview, Rob discusses his thoughts on film-making, gore, horror, and the creative process. This is a podcast you will not want to miss! Watch the video version of this podcast below. Audio versions of this and other podcast episodes will come within the next few months.

THE FOLLOWING PODCAST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR “THE SADNESS, ” AS WELL AS THE MOVIE “NOPE. ” Additionally, due to the highly graphic nature of the film, various bloody scenes are shown within this podcast.

TRIGGER WARNING: Gore, Violence, and discussion of the movie’s most troubling scenes (which include depictions of sexual assault).

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