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Moxie Raia Is an artist that manages to blur the lines of Hip-Hop, R&B , and Pop. It’s a lethal combination that kills you a little bit softly. I just listened to her mixtape 931 which was released back in March, and I was pleasantly surprised by the growth of this artist. She recently gained notoriety with her singles “Buffalo Bill”et “Bad Decisions” ,and “I love it when you cry”. So far I have loved everything that this artist has released, and this mix tape is no exception.  


“Rudimental” Is a track that features rapper Jimi Tents. It’s a great opener for a mix tape that plays more like an album then you would expect for an artist’s debut project. It’s a smooth tune balanced out with warm simple piano chords.


“Could You Be Love “, picks up the tempo a bit with a bass line that makes you nod your head along  .There is also a featured rapper on this track by the name of Buddy .This is is probably one of my favorites on the whole record .


There are a few notable tracks that really grabbed my attention ,like the song “On My Mind”. “On My Mind” is a track that features Pusha T,and some pretty nice samples. The lyrics are pretty well executed and laid down with sultry vocals by Raia .


“Hey Love” is a really nice track that has some well thought out background vocals. You can hear the pain of loss seeping through Moxie Raia’s vocals.


“Healer” has an addictive piano line that is well complimented with amazing lyrics. This song grabs your attention and keeps you thinking about it long after you’ve finished listening.


“How to feel” is definitely a favorite of mine. The song is just so well executed. Simple piano chords chase haunting lyrics, and you’re left  wondering if you even know how to feel anymore.


“Over Now” Is a big track featuring Love Mansuy. It’s Not one of my favorites but it does compliment the mixtape well.


I love “Follow Me”. It’s such a beautiful song, it’s simple and complicated in way that can’t really be explained. This duet with Wyclef Jean is probably the most surprising song on this whole mix tape.  


“Bad Decision”, is my favorite song by this artist period . It’s such a strong song .The production is amazing and I love the lyrics . We all make bad decisions ,but not all of us can turn those decisions into such a catchy song .


“Write Our Names” featuring Post Malone shows of the vocal capabilities of Moxie Raia. This song is the last song on this mixtape and it leaves with something to remember .

   I won’t call this an album review because this isn’t really an album , even though it feels like one by the time you’re done listening to it. I know we all have mix tape fear but this is a really well-rounded mix tape. It’s only the beginning for Moxie Raia and I can’t wait for her debut album. You can listen to her mixtape 931 on her sound cloud which is posted below .

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