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Since early 2016, Propaganjah, founded by Rob Burr Jr. et Garrett “Ginjah” Riggio, have brought high energy, one-drop reggae music back to the reggae world and into Florida’s already growing reggae scene.

As a die-hard reggae fan myself, I can honestly say that Propaganjah, never disappoints. No matter the size of the venue, no matter the size of the crowd, they always give it their all. To be a friend of this talented band, has been a privilege and never a dull moment. It’s been fun to witness the way that Rob prepares for a show! Because of his R&B background, he takes maximum care of his voice.

When asked about how he prepares for a show, this is what Rob said “I choose songs that I love, like if I’m gonna do harmonies and stuff, I choose songs like ‘Fireflies’ it’s a great song to harmonize with, and it preps me for the highs, mids and lows of my voice so I have more control. I do it for a few hours beforehand, so I’m not doing it right before and I’m super loose.

My vocal endurance syncs up to 8 hours and I like to be in the middle of that, when my voice is top notch. I already know what I’m gonna do with my lead vocals but if I can hit the harmonies it’s gonna hit every single sound wave I’m trying to get, so it works!” 

Propaganjah has a grassroots following of friends and family who have helped them, every step of the way. Rob’s parents are his biggest fans, and I was blessed to have witnessed that love, which they pay forward through their musical gift. Rob’s reggae influence comes from his father’s St. Croix/Caribbean roots, and his father is his #1 fan, always at the very front row at every show.

They’ve performed with notable regional and international reggae/Ska acts such as The Wailers, Inner Circle, Pato Banton, Ballyhoo !, Less Than Jakeet Jeunesse chanceuse. Since their debut EP release, Road to Somewhere on December 29th, 2017, they have achieved many more major feats, one of which was opening up for SOJA, a group who have been one of their major influences in their musical style, during part of their Poetry In Motion tour on March 17, 2018.

Not only is Propaganjah, Florida’s latest one-drop high-energy reggae band, they also sport the most fashionably stylish, rockin’ apparel from of the biggest brands in East Coast Reggae, Kulcha Shok Muzik (http://kulchashok.com)

Rob takes pride in the image of the band,  and him and Garrett are very health conscious and avid bodybuilders.

Whether you’re a reggae fan or a supporter of independent music, be sure to check out Propaganjah at your nearest venue whether you’re in Florida or just visiting!


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Omayra Lopez

Omayra est une fille de Floride, mère de trois enfants, et artiste visuelle partageant tout ce qui concerne l'art, l'amusement et les belles choses de la vie. Elle croit fermement que chacun crée sa propre réalité et l'applique à sa propre vie en marchant au rythme d'un tambour différent, en utilisant son appareil photo comme un outil à cette fin. Omayra est une femme à tout faire et elle les maîtrise tous. Lorsqu'elle n'est pas derrière la caméra, elle est devant. Son expérience en tant que mannequin l'a aidée à développer son œil de photographe.
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