Baroness annonce la date de sortie de son prochain album studio

Baroness, an American metal band from Savannah, Georgia,  have recently announced that they will be releasing their fourth studio album, Purple,  on December 15th, 2015. Despite the upcoming date, the band will be preparing for their first U.S tour which begins November 27th in Columbus, Ohio at the Ace of Cups and finishes at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York. A complete schedule for the tour has been made available on their site web.

In addition to their preparations for the tour and impending studio album release, they also released an official music video for their recent single ”Chlorine & Wine”. This, along with their previous single “Take My Bones Away” were directed by Jimmy Hubbard.

The official music video for “Chlorine & Wine”:

Pre-order packages for Purple is available for purchase now on iTunes and Amazon. There is also the option of a limited time deluxe package which can be found in their store.

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