Brand New Debut “Don’t Feel Anything” Live

Brand New have made an exciting return this week, with Denver, Colorado receiving the surprise of their anxious fan-lifetime last night as Brand New opened their performance with their first new song in six years. Current reports and the chorus so far title the track as “Don’t Feel Anything.”

Just before the surprise opening to their show, Brand New also gave their Instagram account a clean slate and wiped every picture, uploading their new promo picture. The weekend before, fans finally received the lyrical booklets for The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me after nearly ten years since fans sent $1.00 to an address at the end of the original booklet without lyrics.

Not only were the booklets with lyrics received, but tucked inside were flyers confirming the release of 2005 demos and a dollar bill. Most fans didn’t know if it was all real or a cruel prank.

However, Brand New seem ready to storm back into sight, with the majority of their tour dates already sold out. Check for your city ICI.




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