Brian "Head" Welch de Korn revient avec un nouveau livre

Brian “Head” Welch, guitarist and founding member of Korn, is set to release a brand new book, With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes On My Way Back To Korn, a follow up to his 2007 best-seller Save Me From Myself.


The book is scheduled for release May 17th, 2016 through Nelson Books, praise from fellow rock and metal icons making it a highly anticipated release; ‘brutally honest,’ With My Eyes Wide Open accounts the eight years between his leave from Korn in 2005 and his return in 2013. Two-hundred forty pages will reveal his struggle as a single father and against his addictions to cocaine, alcohol and meth amphetamine.

“The hardest thing we think we will ever do as a musician is try and survive in the shark infested waters that some call the music industry. Then something harder yet beautiful is revealed to you; God blesses you with a child. Next, the worst case scenario reveals itself; you have to fight the satanic sharks, tour the world, and raise a child—all at the same time. Mix in some drugs, a divorce and a few million dollars and you’re lucky to get out alive. But what about the child? Brian did something mostly unheard of. He quit his band, quit the drugs and raised his daughter alone. Sounds like a fairytale? Well, that’s when things really got bad. With My Eyes Wide Open is raw and honest — a must read.”

–Nikki Sixx, Motley Crüe & Sixx:A.M.

“There are few people whose honesty — innocent, raw, and beautiful — can match that of my friend Brian Welch. His story told in his new book With My Eyes Wide Open is affecting, inspiring, and much-needed.”

Eric Metaxas,New York Times Bestselling author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, SpyetMiracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life.

The book’s release will be paired with a free download of a new song from Head’s solo band Love & Death, limited edition items from both author and band available ICI. All major book retailers such as Amazon et Barnes & Noble have pre-orders available.




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