Jour 5 du Stampede de Calgary - Le plaisir du rappeur

Calgary Stampede

On July 8, 2019 Toronto rapper, Lil Berete and Florida rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer T-Pain headed to the Stampede de Calgary’s Coca-Cola Stage to perform their biggest hits.

This was by far the busiest performance for all of the stampede. The crowd was full by 6 pm and the show didn’t even start until 8pm. Everyone was talking and dancing around in anticipation of this event.

Lil Berete kicked off the show at 8pm. Showing up in a white cowboy hat perfect for the Stampede de Calgary, Lil Berete invited DJ RoseGold to help him perform along with his friends who he invited to dance and take selfies on stage with him. The Toronto rapper performed songs such as “Go N Get It” and “Goat Cheese”

The anticipation and energy of the crowd continued in the buildup to the next set. As soon as T-Pain walked on stage the crowd went absolutely crazy for him. The performance started off with some minor audio issues that resulted in him not being able to start his performance for an additional 5 minutes, however, that did not stop this crowd from cheering in support of him. It was a night full of throwback songs from the late 2000s like “Buy You A Drink,” “Bartender” and “I’m N Luv”, and his newer releases.

See photos from Day 5:

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