Coheed And Cambria publie la vidéo des paroles de "Eraser".

To all the Coheed And Cambria fans who are sick of going to A-Z lyrics and/or some other lyric website that takes way too long to load and uses up way more cell phone data then you’d like it to, your prayers have been answered. Coheed And Cambria have recently released a lyric video to their song “Eraser,” a track that will be on their upcoming album La couleur avant le soleil, set to be released tomorrow, October 9th.

The song is super catchy and although this may just be considered a lyric video, it could easily be called a music video as well given that the video behind the lyrics fits perfectly with the meaning and words of the song.  Drummer Josh Eppard commented:

“To me, ‘Eraser’ embodies the music we grew up on maybe better than any other Coheed song to date. We were little sponges in the ’90s when the Pumpkins and Nirvana were creating a landscape all their own. I heart those bands in our song ‘Eraser’ and I’m extremely proud of that.”

“Eraser” is the third track to be released from the album, and if you have yet to check out the previous two, you’re surely missing out. For those who would like to pre-order the album, you  can do so via the band’s site officiel. Check out the super awesome lyrics video to “Eraser” below.


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