Coldplay dévoile son "dernier" album : Voici pourquoi il ne faut pas paniquer...

Although it has been less than a year since Coldplay released their sixth album ‘Ghost Stories’, during an interview with British Radio, front-man Chris Martin has confirmed that the band members are back in the studio and working on some new material. The band’s 7th studio album will be entitled ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’. Martin also announced that after the release of the album, they will be doing a follow-up tour, something they did not do for album ‘Ghost Stories’. During the interview, Martin also implied that this could be their final album, comparing it to the last Harry Potter book.

Martin stated, That’s not to say there won’t be another thing one day, but this is the completion of something. It was great to go from Ghost Stories right back into the studio. Now, we’re making things that sound different. It’s a very fun time to be in our band. I have to think of it as the final thing we’re doing, otherwise we wouldn’t put everything into it.”

It should be stated though that this is not the first time that Chris Martin has mentioned that an album would be the band’s “last album” or alluded to a potential breakup of the band, only to clarify his remarks later on. The front-man previously created panic within the fan base in 2008 when he stated the band would likely disband the following year, only to follow-up that the band were proceeding as if their next album was their last “because it’s the only way to proceed” and that he didn’t believe the band would “ever split up but we have to do a lot before we’re 33.” The band was also previously rumored to be breaking up in 2006 as well, due to Martin stating that fans “wouldn’t see them at an award show for a long time”, a rumor the band’s record label was quick to squash.

So while the thought of a final Coldplay album will always be a hard pill for any of us to swallow, ‘Don’t Panic’ et ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’ just yet. Because if Coldplay’s history is of any indication, this isn’t the end, and the show will most certainly go on. Time will only tell.

After all, it could be just like this:


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