[Concert Review] Thrice, Deftones & Rise Against – 06/24 Jacksonville, FL

Thrice, Deftones, and Rise Against have joined forces this summer, forming one of the best lineups of the season. Each group has their own distinct history and approach when it comes to live rock music, so this collaboration is a treat for a variety of fans. I had seen Thrice and Rise Against play together about seven-eight years ago and looked forward to seeing what Deftones would bring to the lineup. Their show at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL was filled with intensity from beginning to end and every act delivered a memorable show.

Thrice opened the evening with a more melodic sound than we have heard from them in the past. They embrace the passion in Dustin Kensrue’s voice, with more tender moments and not a lot of screaming at the beginning of the set. It was a different show than the last time I saw Thrice open for Rise Against. Their set was much heavier seven years ago and the crowd was much younger and pushier. Now they have a greater use of effects, distortion, and interesting percussion. Last year’s release “The Window” was a standout track of their set. The group has achieved a sense of synchronicity and growth and they are now able to stand up to acts like Deftones and Rise Against as more than just an opener.

Deftones followed as the sun set over downtown Jacksonville. They deliver a surprisingly classic rock and roll show. Frontman Chino Moreno enters the crowd, gripping the mic as fans who wave flags emblazoned with the Deftones’ logo grasp at his t-shirt. Lead guitarist Stephen Carpenter has a fan that blows his long hair back as he stands wide legged, armed with his Louis Vuitton guitar and delivers a headbanging, cinematic performance. The tour is equipped with an impressive lighting rig, especially overhead. Lighting has gotten so crazy and Deftones have it all, from gyroscopic LED squares to immense fog cut with fluorescent, acid colored beams of light.

Deftones deliver a range of sounds and there is a distinct contrast between melodic radio hits like “Change” and heavier songs in their repertoire that start pits and send heads crashing up and down. Moreno’s vocal is record quality live, from the more melodic verses to the “Knife Party” screams delivered into the stage’s crimson glow, synchronized with perfectly timed strobes. This tour is highly detailed as far as production value. The production quality paired with classic performance elements makes for a high energy show. Whether Moreno is going into crowd or shouting from a raised platform into a packed house, fists and devil horns stay in the air throughout their set.

Rise Against came out to an audience that was now craving more of the pure rock and roll that Deftones had just delivered. Despite being an alternative radio mainstay, Rise Against continues to deliver an authentic punk rock show live.

Tim McIlrath’s signature gritty voice is highly intense throughout their set and he always makes it a priority to pass messages he believes in to the fans. The entire group has had an edgy, sociopolitical approach throughout their career. Regardless of any fame they attain, they have maintained their role as activists. They believe in fighting to survive despite anything and communicated that vividly to the crowd.

Each act that night made the most of their short set. Rise Against played their biggest hits like “Give It All” and “Ready to Fall” early in their set. McIlrath takes a powerful stance, imploring rhythmic claps from the crowd that break into fists thrown in the air as breakdowns approach. They have a truly punk sense of movement about the stage. Lead guitarist Zach Blair jumps into the air as he exerts dynamic solos.

Rise Against had played with Thrice before but this lineup at Daily’s Place made for a totally different experience. Their fans have grown up and crowds are less violent, but still high energy. Despite their alt-rock radio popularity, we are reminded of their punk roots live. Rise Against, Thrice, and Deftones all brought forward showmanship, skill, and energy on their Jacksonville FL summer tour stop. Each group gave an authentic, kinetic performance and proved their lasting worth to the alternative genre.

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