FiXT Neon annonce la signature d'un nouvel artiste du label Synthwave, Cassetter [Communiqué de presse].

FiXT Neon proudly announces the launch of new label artist, Cassetter! A relatively new name in the synthwave world, Cassetter has quickly built a reputation for his top-flight production and his innovative take on a classic synthwave sound that pulls influences from a diverse array of outside genres.

To mark the announcement, FiXT Neon is re-releasing Cassetter’s first full-length album, The Fugitive, complete with a brand new track featuring synthwave siren Megan McDuffee on vocals, “Eyes With a Soul.” Check out the full song in the video below.

Weaving gorgeous melodies into a subtly dark and dystopian atmosphere, Cassetter and Megan McDuffee present a stunning retro-futuristic vision on their new track. “Eyes With a Soul” is rooted in a powerful synthwave style with heavy sci-fi themes, pairing the remarkable production of Cassetter with the haunting vocals of McDuffee for a remarkable audio experience.

“Eyes With a Soul” was not included on the original release of Cassetter’s debut full-length album, The Fugitive, and is unique to the album’s re-release through independent synthwave record label FiXT Neon. The song and album are available everywhere now.

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