Greg Mackintosh of Paradise Lost on ‘The Plague Within’

Paradise Lost are set to release their fourteenth studio album,  recorded in London with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano, on June 2nd under Century Media. Guitarist Greg Mackintosh sat down with Total Guitar to discuss the direction of the upcoming record:

“It could be a bit of a Marmite album,” Mackintosh starts, “sometimes it’s nice to do albums that are expected, in a way, but for a career like ours, it’s important to do certain records and songs where you try something else.”

He reveals a track named ‘Flesh From Bone’ is likely the fastest song they’ve made in regards to tempo while ‘Beneath Broken Earth’ is possibly their slowest. He continues that they “weren’t shying away from any period, but it also had to be cohesive.

“As it came together, the death metal elements became more prevalent, so the album ended up with more of those elements than we’d first anticipated. But it’s got a good ebb and flow to it.

“We deliberately went down a different route,” Mackintosh says, “where we want it to sound like no one else in metal.”

Currently Paradise Lost have confirmed only two festivals this year. All tour dates and tour updates can be found ICI.


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