Hailey Haus présente le nouveau titre 2022 "Flavor of the Month" (saveur du mois)

Hailey Haus

Pop singer-songwriter Hailey Haus has unveiled her new single, “Flavor of the Month”. Co-written by Hailey Haus and produced by David Burris, a snippet of the song went viral on the social media platform TikTok, amassing 9M+ views prior to the song’s release today, plus 1M+ additional views across socials.

“It’s a story about taking the power back in a sense,” Haus revealed about the single. “At the time, I was single, and I was trying to find the right guy. I talked to a handful of boys over this one year. In my mind, I’m looking for my husband. Behind my back, some girl said, ‘Oh my Gosh, Hailey always has a flavor of the month.’ I was so bothered because I’m not trying to talk to a million guys for no reason; I’m looking for the right person to commit my life to. One day, I thought what she said would be a hilarious concept for a song, so I made it my own.”

This is Hailey Haus’ first release on Arcade Records, a joint venture with Elektra Records, but it isn’t her first trip to the music world. At a young age, Haus decided she wanted to pursue music. She was barely nine years old when she learned how to make music on her parents’ computer, which she then burned to CD-Rs and attempted to sell. Haus developed her artistry as a youngster, learning how to produce properly while constantly relocating throughout the country with her family.

After a childhood of music, Hailey dedicated herself to her career in 2019, writing and composing music at a fast rate. In 2020, she suffered from a massive anxiety attack, after which she produced, wrote, and recorded the independent single “Anxiety,” catching the attention of Wattenberg (John Legend, Train, Tom Morello) and leading to her signing a record deal.

Wattenberg said, “Hailey’s powerful voice was an immediate standout, and when I learned more about her story and creative process, I knew this was an artist who needed to share her message. She is absolutely the only artist I’ve worked with that can record and produce her own vocals at the highest level. That’s rare.”

She chose the name Hailey Haus with the surname as an homage to her great-great-great uncle Oskar Schindler (the inspiration for Schindler’s List). “My parents raised me to honor our family legacy,” she explained. “I felt like I needed to make that part of my artistry in some way, so my family helped me decide on the German spelling for house as ‘Haus.’”

“Each one of my songs is a room or an object of this figurative house I’m building,” she elaborated about her artist surname. “I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and dream about a room, and the theme finally clicks. I’m building a world for listeners to escape to. It’s a space where you’ll cry at moments, and you’ll laugh at moments.”

Hailey’s new track is a sassy f-you anthem for anyone who has ever been accused of ‘getting around’ simply because they date more than one person in a year. And we say good for her for doing so. You’ll never see a man be ridiculed for this, yet a woman is called all sorts of things just for keeping her options open. Annoying? Yep, we think so too. Props to Hailey for reclaiming the insults for herself, and standing up for women everywhere. We look forward to seeing what awesome music she comes up with next. 





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