Holland Road - "Heart on My Sleeve" (Le cœur sur la main)

Holland Road

Lately, I have been getting a lot of good music that transports me to a better place. A place away from this world of despair, darkness, greed, and war. Holland Road is one of those bands.

The band has just released their first single, “Heart on My Sleeve”. This song takes me back to the punk-rock days of the ’80’s, which is definitely not a bad thing at all.

It was a much simpler time. I could hear Heart on My Sleeve on a present-day Seth Rogen/James Franco movie soundtrack, just as easily as I could hear it blaring at a party on a Molly Ringwald movie.

I love that Holland Road makes sure we get a chance to enjoy every talent in the band. The song is well-balanced. Andy Lund, who is the band’s lead guitarist, owns one of my favorite sections of the song which starts around 1:30. Not too later in the song, Dino Zawadski’s bass guitar brings an awesome, other-worldly accompaniment to Chris Mullin’s vocals as the drums, being played by Mikey Stewart, drop out of the beat.

Heart on My Sleeve”  is an ode to the girl of our dreams.  You know, the type of girl that other men drool over and you don’t quite know how in the world you “managed to convince her to go out with me”.

Or, as Chris Mullins put it:

“She wraps her arms around me she tucks me into bed/

She said that I’m the best friend that she’s ever had/

All the boys don’t see, she wears her heart on my sleeve”

I suspect that after the ladies hear this song, Holland Road will have to invest in bigger shirts to hold all of those hearts on their sleeves.

As I said earlier, that’s definitely not a bad thing!

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