The Ivins publie le clip de "Roam the World" (en anglais)

Last week, Nashville-based rock-brothers Jim and Jack Ivins released a music video for their ‘gothic’ love song “Roam the World.”

“With (The Code Duello)’s release looming, when the time came to do a video, we knew that, while we consider ‘Roam’ to be the oddball of the record, the dark vibe of the music just immediately lent itself so well to a visual that it wasn’t even a choice as to whether we would do one for this song,” said Jim Ivins. “… lyrically, it’s actually a sweet (but gothic) love song, we felt the video’s storyline needed to mirror that contradiction…”

The video follows a young couple that have a tumultuous relationship, chronicling their experiences: Everything from being cute and cuddling in bed, to breaking into an airplane hangar.

According to Jim, the song “comes from a very real place and it came very quickly.” When the song was created, Jim had just spent a weekend with a girl that he was involved with off and on for over a year, and he couldn’t help but feel that it would be the last time he saw her. You can read more about the story behind this song and others on his blog, ici.

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