Killers Walk Among Us Release Their First And Last Album

Swedish band Killers Walk Among Us have finally released their self-titled debut album in which they combine the atmosphere of post-rock with the vocals of indie rock to create their own melancholic sound. However, in an extremely tragic turn of events, this record will also be their last one as singer and main song-writer Stefan Holmberg committed suicide earlier this year after he finished recording the album. Left in sadness and with a completed album, his band mates have now released it to the world.

“Our first and only album is here. We’re so proud of what we created together that we might explode, and we want to thank everybody who inspired us and has made this record possible. Our mission is to let as many as possible hear it. Share it and listen to it with everybody you like. It’s our missed and beloved friend Stefan’s lifework.”

It’s hard to not get emotional while listening to the album when you know about all the anguish and pain that went into the songs, lyrics, song titles and even the band’s name. Everything gets a whole new meaning when you know where it’s coming from and what happened. This album is the legacy of a young musician who left this world too soon.

Listen to the songs “Från Ramberget ser jag allt som någonsin hänt oss här” and “Bonjour Tristesse” below. The full album is avaliable on Spotify et iTunes.

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