[Communiqué de presse] Lilac Kings publie la vidéo du nouveau single "Tired Eyes".

Fresh off the announcement of signing with a new label, Oklahoma’s indie rock quartet Lilac Kings debut their first single with a new lineup on Revival Recordings. The song signals a new direction for the band following their reformation. The overall tone of “Tired Eyes” is an incredible departure from the groups previous work, showcasing exactly how versatile the band can be and the various aspects of each genre they are able to explore while still maintaining their signature sound.

Lilac Kings are excited to continue this new chapter in their evolution as a band; working tirelessly in the studio to produce an album that showcases it. In describing the inspiration behind the album, vocalist Dylan McBride explains,”We’ve discovered a better sense of self, to say the least. I enjoyed going back to see what worked for us in the past, marrying that with music I was inspired to write while discovering different genres.”

The release of “Tired Eyes” also marks the first release with Lilac Kings new lineup, which helps cement their continually evolving sound. The band is happy to release an accompanying stream video of the track, which was released last Friday on June 18th, with Ghost Killer Entertainment today! You can view the premiere of the stream video for “Tired Eyes” ici.

“Tired Eyes” is available on all streaming platforms now!

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