Linkin Park sort une démo étonnante de 2010, "Primo".

Linkin Park

For every year since 2001, rock band Linkin Park has released a yearly collection of unreleased demos, unfinished songs and b-sides to members of their official fan-club The Linkin Park Underground, as part of their yearly subscription package.

With 2014 coming and the fan club going into the 13th year of its existence, Linkin Park has released a previously unreleased demo titled “Primo” to the public, to tease the tracks on the upcoming new EP.

Described as a 2010 long-form demo of the band’s finished 2012 track “I’ll Be Gone”, this nearly 6 minute work-in-progress is a drastically different track in comparison to the final version found on LIVING THINGS. Personally, I absolutely love this version of the song, and in some ways favor it to the final. One thing I always loved about the band’s 2010 masterpiece Mille soleils was the fact that the songs seemed to be composed in “movements” as if the album was a stage production, with each song flowing between individual movements and “acts” with ease. With LIVING THINGS, the band decided to make more of a ‘firecracker’ approach and write quicker more energetic songs; and as a result, some tracks were not as lengthy and didn’t feature the same progression as songs found on A Thousand Suns.

“Primo”[I’ll Be Gone], is how that track would’ve sounded had it been featured on A Thousand Suns. It’s an incredible display of just how much a song can change over the course of two years, and a fun look into the creative process of Linkin Park.

If this is how great the demos will be this year, fans are in for a big treat with LPU13. Bring it on Linkin Park!

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