Les Monuments présentent leur nouveau clip vidéo pour "False Providence".


Today, monuments have premiered their new music video for their new track and music video, “False Providence”.

The song is available now on all digital platforms, and the music video, which was directed and produced by Zak Pinchin, is now available on YouTube. Monuments have always been a band that prides itself on pushing boundaries both sonically and visually, and this latest offering is no exception.

When you dedicate your life to believing in something, then realizing it was all for nothing. Despite your unflinching loyalty, the void within persists. – ‘As gods speak through us, suicidal sights remain,” states MONUMENTS about the new track. 

Adds the band about In Stasis“We approached this album without the intention of a specific concept. However – three songs in what was being written ended up sharing a common theme. This feeling of being stuck in the middle a feeling we experience throughout our lives – within friendships and relationships, love to hate, life to death, belief or non-belief, being in power to total defeat, isolation to freedom.

Over the past two years, we have been faced with many of these trials, and these struggles can be heard throughout the record. This record is a culmination of our greatest triumphs and our deepest struggles. We hope it resonates with you and brings you closer to equilibrium. We’d like to thank guests Neema Askari (Form Subtract, ex Fellsilent, ex-Monuments), Spencer Sotelo (Periphery, King Mothership), and Mick Gordon (DOOM, Prey, Killer Instinct) for enhancing the record with their unique perspectives.”

Watch “False Providence” here:

Pre-orders are available ICI and can be found online in the following formats:

Ltd. CD Digipak

Digital album

Gatefold black LP+CD & Poster

300x Gatefold transp. blue LP+CD & Poster from UK Indies and EMP

500x Gatefold ultra clear LP+CD & Poster from Monuments and cmdistro.de 

In Stasis tracklist : 

1.     No One Will Teach You (feat. Neema Askari)

2.     Lavos

3.     Cardinal Red

4.     Opiate

5.     Collapse

6.     Arch Essence (feat. Spencer Sotelo) 

7.     Somnus

8.     False Providence 

9.     Makeshift Harmony 

10. The Cimmerian 


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