Mothé dévoile ses débuts et partage un premier single époustouflant


Spencer Fort, better known as Mothé (pronounced Moth), has revealed their debut album I Don’t Want You To Worry Anymore for release on April 8th via Slowlab Records.

The music was written and produced in collaboration with Robert Adam Stevenson, who previously collaborated with Mothé at Mikal Blue’s Revolver Recordings studio in Los Angeles. After working on Mothé’s first EP Cindi, they recognized their unique chemistry and decided to focus on Mothé as a collaborative project.

Speaking on the new album, Mothé shares, “I Don’t Want You To Worry Anymore is an album about healing and an album documenting moments of hurt. It was a way of forcing myself to relearn and relive hard lessons so I could put them to rest and move towards the next chapter of my life, hence the album title looking to the future.”

Ils poursuivent : “’Terrified’ is a song that came out of a three day bender I did in Mansfield, Ohio. I was running off steam in a lot of areas in my life and found a lot of comfort in being completely inebriated in such a small town. We were a couple weeks into my last tour with my old band. I didn’t know that was going to be the last one at the time, but that’s sort of how those things go.

When it came time to write Terrified I found myself just accounting isolated moments of embarrassment and fear socially, and for awhile when something bad would happen in my life I would want to go back to Ohio and use. That’s why the lyrics describe moments I hated going through like running into anex’s family member at a funeral, near car crashes I don’t talk about, and finally ignoring all of the signs you shouldn’t be with someone and moving forward with loving them anyways. To this day I want to go back sometimes. I’m sober now, but it does sound nice to hide in Mansfield.”

I Don’t Want You To Worry Anymore will also feature songs from Mothé’s 2021 EP Summer’s Almost Gone, including the hit single “Debt Collector” which has amassed over 1.28M streams across platforms.

Check out the single “Terrified’ below:

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