Nostalgia and New Beginnings: Brandon Boyd Podcast Recap

Brandon Boyd Incubus - Altwire Podcast

In the latest episode of the AltWire Podcast, host Derek Oswald and special co-host Evan Etheridge dive into a captivating conversation with Brandon Boyd, le chanteur du groupe Incubus. The discussion centers around the re-recording of Morning View, their experiences on tour, and insights into Brandon’s vocal changes and lyrical inspirations. This blog post recaps the most intriguing parts of their dialogue, offering readers an in-depth look at what makes this episode a must-listen for fans.

Revisiting Morning View, for Morning View 23

Derek and Evan waste no time diving into the heart of the interview—discussing Morning View 23. Derek asks Brandon how it felt to revisit the album in the same space they originally recorded over twenty years ago. Brandon describes the experience as both nostalgic and thrilling, pointing out the unchanged, albeit slightly decrepit, state of the house where it all began. He expresses the excitement and stress of performing the songs live to an audience who would inevitably compare these renditions to those from when the band was much younger.

The Recording Process

Brandon reveals fascinating details about the recording process. He explains how the band incorporated live drums from the live stream, blending them with new recordings made in various settings, including his home. He shares the joy of working with Nicole Row, emphasizing how her fresh energy contributed significantly to the project’s success. The conversation touches on maintaining the integrity of the original work while embracing new influences and methods. Brandon acknowledges the contributions of engineers like Rick Will and producers such as Scott Litt in capturing the distinctive sound of the original Morning View. He also highlights the involvement of long-time collaborator Tom Syrowski and newcomer Adam Hawkins, who played crucial roles in the new recordings.

Personal Favorites, New Takes & Vocal Challenges

Derek is particularly curious about which songs Brandon is most excited for fans to hear in the re-recorded album. Brandon mentions “Aqueous Transmission” as a standout track due to its complex and evolving nature. He also shares his excitement for the new version of “Echo,” which has been adapted to include a big crescendo ending that they’ve performed live for years. Another track, “Under My Umbrella,” promises to surprise listeners with its more profound, more pronounced sound. Brandon candidly discusses the natural aging process and how it altered his vocal capabilities. A significant turning point came when he had surgery to fix a deviated septum, which had plagued him for decades. Learning to sing again post-surgery was a challenge and has changed how he performed these new songs.

Touring and Staying Connected: The Hardships of Touring

Touring, with all its demands and challenges, is another focal point of the conversation. Brandon shares personal insights into the difficulties of being away from loved ones for extended periods. He mentions a particular rule he and his wife have about not being apart for more than two to three weeks, acknowledging how crucial physical presence is in maintaining solid relationships. When Evan and Derek discuss how the band handles tension while on the road, Brandon points to the deep familial bonds between the band and their crew. He explains how they support each other through tough times by making small gestures of kindness and enjoying unique experiences in each tour location.

The Influence of Literature and Philosophy on Brandon’s Songwriting

Evan’s curiosity about Brandon’s lyrical influences leads to another enriching segment. Brandon reflects on how various authors and philosophers have shaped his writing. Early influences like Robert Anton Wilson and classic beat writers played pivotal roles in his lyrical development, imbuing his work with a unique blend of introspection and intellectual exploration. In addition to literary figures, numerous songwriters have left an indelible mark on Brandon’s music. He names artists such as PJ Harvey, Jeff Buckley, and Leonard Cohen among his influences, praising their ability to convey profound emotion and thought through song.

The Final Thoughts and Closing

As the conversation draws to a close, both Derek and Evan express their admiration for Brandon, underscoring his impact as an artist. The hosts thank Brandon for his time and encourage listeners to support Morning View 23.

This episode of the Alt Wire Podcast offered an enriching glimpse into the mind and heart of Brandon Boyd. Through candid discussions about Morning View 23, touring challenges, and the intricacies of his creative process, fans gain a deeper understanding of what makes Incubus’s music resonate so profoundly. This podcast episode is a treasure trove of insights and inspiration for those looking to explore the magic behind a legendary album.

Watch The Episode In It’s Entirety Below:

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