Pale Waves présente le clip de "Heavenly" (en anglais)

Swiftly following a successful 2017, touring extensively with the likes of Dirty Hit label-mates, L'année 1975, and recently snagging several awards and nominations, notably winning NME‘s “Under The Radar Award”, English indie pop quartet, Vagues pâles, have kicked off their North American headline tour on March 19th while coinciding with the release of a fourth and final music video, ‘Heavenly’, the final track of February 2018 debut EP, All The Things I Never Said.

The video features a restrained, mannequized vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie, in Edward Scissorhands-esque attire, while vibrant blues and rich reds adorn the track’s poppy, 80s-inspired instrumental backbone the group has become well-known for, described by NME comme “one of Britain’s best new bands.”

Attracting further acclaim, Harry Fortuna of Le bord describes ‘Heavenly’ as “remarkably poignant; another masterpiece that encapsulates the band’s creativity and succinct simplicity”, while Dave Beech of The Line of Best Fit notes that while the track is “familiar”, ‘Heavenly’ finds the band “undergoing a sonic makeover that serves to enhance the track’s expansive and texturous composition.”

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M. Stoneman

"Si vous combinez les films d'horreur, la musique rock et Silent Hill, je suis le résultat : un écrivain britannique qui va probablement s'extasier devant les solos de guitare et les bandes-son de jeux d'horreur.
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