[Communiqué de presse] HYBRID publie "Nails".

Following the visually and emotionally arresting first single and video “Flashpoint” (their first since 2019’s “Hold Your Breath”), seminal British electronic band HYBRID returns with second single and video “NAILS.”  A sequel to the sci-fi narrative established with the previous release, “Nails” continues the visual and mind-blowing extravaganza that perfectly matches the music’s compelling and propulsive adrenaline rush.

“’Nails’ is a continuation to the story of the ‘Flashpoint’ video and also echoes the message of the song which is fundamentally the internal turmoil of battling your inner demons and the struggle to silently regain control,” explains vocalist/songwriter Charlotte Truman.

With the First Act focusing on the arrival of the “beings,” the moodier and atmospheric Second Act zooms its focus on a mysterious crystal chained around Charlotte’s neck. “The meaning of the amulet will follow in the next part of the story,” she hints demurely.

Filmed entirely during the pandemic lockdown, the video was shot on location on Charlotte and sound designer/producer and husband Mike Truman‘s property that includes a farm of over 60 animals. ”Our biggest concern was whether the fire service might show up whilst we were prancing about in gigantic plumes of black smoke,” she laughs. “Mike of course shot the film and I found it very powerful, emotionally speaking, to perform. Plus I had the added bonus of scaring the shit out of Mike when I turned up on set looking like some kind of warrior angel of vengeance.”

A band whose electrorock influence echoed throughout the ‘90s straight up to aujourd'hui, Hybrid have always been on the forefront of the electronic music scene.  Merging Jimi Hendrix-styled guitar riffs viaguitarist/vocalist Stu Morgan into Mike’s sonic soundscapes and punctuated by drummer Simon Hanson’s meticulous rhythms, Hybrid’s music allows Charlotte’s clear and pristine vocals to float and weave effortlessly.

Originally formed in 1995 at the height of the UK-led Breakbeat Era, Hybrid became leaders of an electronic movement that encompassed a dizzying litany of pinch-yourself moments and accomplishments, including collaborations and credits with luminaries as far-ranging as Colline du Cyprès, Perry Farrell etPeter Hook from New Order. In their own right, Hybrid continue to take their art to incredible places through speakers, stage and screen. And at the heart of it all is simply this: powerful storytelling.

Hybrid is Charlotte Truman (vocals, piano, synths, guitar), Mike Truman (sound design, producer), Stu Morgan (vocals, guitars, bass), and Simon Hanson (drums, percussion, backing vocals).

"Flashpoint" et "Nails" are available ici digitally on Distinctive Records. 

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